April 27, 2009

2 for 1 Biopsy

How is it done? Why is it needed? How long does it take? Will it hurt?

All very good questions. And not that I have been though it, I have my answers! Here's how the day went.

I had to be there at 9:00am. Signed in and filled out a hundred forms. The usual sign here and initial here. Then I was taken back for a blood draw to make sure that my PT/INR levels were OK for surgery. Then off to pre op. To answer more questions and get my IV and all that fun stuff. And then it was off to the operating room. That's when things got fun. After explaining to the 3 Dr.s what exactly caused the need for a biopsy, things finally got rolling. They explained how a jugular biopsy worked, gave me a very cool hat to hold my hair in, hooked me up with some oxygen and turned on some good music. My neck was prepped and then they put this huge plastic tent over me. It was like being on the X-Files. Then came the margarita. My very own cocktail ;) Once that was in, I was off to sleepy land in no time. Only to be rudely awaken half way though.
I remember opening my eyes and thinking "that was easy" But then the Dr said that he wasn't able to get through. Something about veins dissolving. He said they were going to do it the old fashioned way though my side and then I was back off to sleepy land. I woke up in the recovery room, sore as hell, but was just glad to know it was over. After waiting around for another 4 or so hours, I got to go home.

Recovery wasn't was I was expecting. I figured Id be a little sore and have some discomfort. Instead I was walking around the house like a zombie. I couldn't straighten my neck for 3 days. I couldn't turn my head and I was walking bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. But you know it wasn't the worst part. The hardest part was knowing that I wasn't going to be able to feed my baby until the anesthesia was out of my system. Which was only supposed to be one day, but was extended for 2 more days because of the contrast used in my MRI the following day.

So that was my experience with my first and hopefully the last time I have to do that. At least now if I do have to go though it again, I will know what to expect and wont be freaking out like I did this time around.

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