November 17, 2008

Transplant Institute

Today I met with a Dr. from the Transplant Institute here in town. While it took a while for him to come in(he was at lunch, once he came in things sailed along. When I first went in, they put one of those hospital bracelets on and I thought they were going to admit me or something. Anthony got to watch me get weighed, temped and by BP checked. Then he sweetly asks "do you feel better now momma" Of course as soon the nurse started writing down my history, Anthony had to get out his paper and crayon and act like he was a nurse too. Then the boys left and it was just me.

Dr. O is very nice. He accepted my sarcasm, so he works for me. He was very thorough in asking questions and answering mine. It was pretty much a meet and greet and to get my name and info in to their system. A million and one questions. He felt around my tummy and was hoping to feel the baby move but he was still as ever. He showed me diagrams and explained the blood flow patterns in the body and showed me where my clots are. Then we talked about a plan. Which isn't much of one at the moment.

I go back in a few weeks to have sonograms of my liver and neck. My liver so that he can have his own films. And my neck to make sure that there are no clots in my coratid artery. I guess he felt that my pulse was stronger in one side than it was in the other and wants to rule out clots there. Fingers crossed that's all clear. He also wanted to talk with his head surgeon about what would be the best type of shunt for me. He wants to make sure no veins or arteries are damaged so that when transplant time comes things will OK to connect to. Another thing I learned today is that you can get varicose veins on you esophagus. Which he wants to do an endoscopy to make sure I don't have them. That would be another serious complication.

After that, I got my picture taken. Took a walk next door for some blood work and we were on our way....4 hours later:) All in all a pretty uneventful day, but it had to be done and is now out of the way.

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