November 20, 2008

Early weekend :)

I called it. As of today, the weekend has started! For me anyways. Tomorrow I have no appointments and I have already told every Dr I saw this week not to call me on Friday. I am beyond drained. Mentally and phisically drained. Considering I had blood draws 3 days in a row this week. Now if only I didnt have to wake up at 8 every morning and do my morning injection. I was doing them later, but was having to work my appointments around my med times, so I moved to 8am and 8pm. Hopefully I wont be kicking myself in the a$$ for it, I am not a morning all. But I figure I can always just get back in bed afterwards. And I wont have to stay up to take it at night.

My Hematologist didnt seem to concerned about my hemoglobin levels. Unlike the Trans. Specialist who was upset that no one had mentioned it to me. And everyone wants to know when my delivery date is, but my Ob and Peri wont give me a date. I see them Monday and Tuesday and would love an answer by then. I am demanding it actaully, in a nice way:)

Everyone feels the need to remind me that its only going to get harder and worse once the babys born. So much for support eh. I know they are trying to prepare me for whats to come, but I know this already. I know Im going to get sick. I know there will be more Drs, hospitals, meds and bloodwork. But for now Im tired of it. Maybe next week I will feel better, but for now, Im sick and tired of it all.

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