November 11, 2008

Drs Update

Well I saw the GI on Monday and my OB today. Not much news.

I love going to see my Dr. H. Its always a short wait and hes so great about explaining things in normal people language. He says that there is still a 10% chance I will not need a transplant. And says that the hope I need to hang on to. He explained how the TIPS Shunt procedure goes. And said that it will be done a few weeks after I deliver. We talked about my choices for transplant teams and I called the one I picked to have them set me up with a consultation. It isn't easy getting into the system, so he is having me do it now. That way if in 1 year or 9 years, I do need it, I will be set up and ready to wait on the list:) That was about it. I go back in a few weeks again for another check up. I'm hoping to hear back from him on how my liver enzyme test is. Hopefully all is still good there

Today it was the OB. Which means a long wait in the waiting room for a few mins with the Dr. I really do like Dr. A, just wish the wait wasn't so long. She always takes her time and answers all my questions. If she can. We talked about my fluid levels being to high. She said that they were not to high for concern, and says its most likely because of everything else that is going on in there. We talked about steroids and an amnio. And she is going to talk to my GI about the chest pain and see if I can get into see a Cardiologist just to be safe. Hopefully I will hear about that soon. And I have to do my Glucose test next week. I don't know what I will do if I fail. I cant take anymore shots. But she said there is always diet and pills first. Thank God..again:)

Next week its back to the Hematologist and who knows what that will bring about, but hopefully its something good. I'm so tired of bad news. Ive got to hit at least on good thing sooner or later. Other than that things are good. I can feel myself getting weaker by the day, and I am having a hard time eating. So I spend most of the day in bed and get up to eat as often as I can. I have lost 5lbs but the Drs say that is the least of my worries. Just to keep hydrated and keep eating healthy. Just keep swimming right?!?

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