November 29, 2008

Another busy week

I have 4 appointments coming up. I understand why I need to go so often, but Im so tired of it all.
Monday I have a stress test.
Tuesday I see the GI Dr.
Thursday I see the hematologist.
Friday its another stress test.

I know my mind will be put at ease, getting to hear the baby twice a week. But ontop of all the other Dr.s I get so worn out. And to think that once this little man is born, thats when the rest of the test start. More bloodwork, x-rays and scans. More doctors. My arms are still bruised from last weeks round of tests. I am tired of having wake up early to inject and having to be home early to inject again.

Around 33 weeks I will be switching from Lovenox to Heparin. Still an injection. And then at 35 weeks we will do an amnio. I am just praying that this little man can wait that long. For now its just a waiting game.

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