December 3, 2008

Finally a break

Ontop of not having any appointments to go to today, I got some good news. No Gestational Diabetes. Yup! I passed my 3 hour tests. Thank God. Can you imagine me on a strickt diet ;) And then having to add 2 insulin shots on to of my 2 other daily injections. I told my Dr too, that If I was going to have to do insulin that I was done. Of course I would do what I needed to do, but now I dont have to worry about that! My only question is if I do not have the GD then what is the cause of my extra fluid??
Tomorrow is my weekly appt with the hematologist. We will see if he is going to switch my meds to something that can clear my system faster. Either way it is still a shot, so no big change there.
Yesterday was my appt with the GI Dr. He talked with the transplant specialist and they both agree that there is only a slim chance I will NOT need a transplant, but only time will tell. We talked about my pain and he said it is just because my liver is pushing my spleen out and that is what I am feeling on my side. Pretty nasty if you ask me. You can actually see it on my side. Maybe I should take a picture ;) And the best part is I dont have to go back to see him until after the baby is born, so that is one less appt to worry about. He said he will come visit me in the hospital.
Friday I have another non stress test and if that goes good then I will have to say its been a great week for us! And that would just be wonderful. Maybe things will start looking up from here.

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