October 28, 2008


notes from my appts that next week

Dr. H(GI) 10-20-08
*Good news is my liver is working at almost 100%
*Liver did not go into shock and fail because blockage was slow(over weeks or months)
*Liver rerouted blood flow by creating tiny blood vessels around clots
*Now on 3 week blood draws to measure Liver enzymes for the next 3-6 months
*Will not know damage until after baby is born
*Depending on damage, liver transplant is possible
*Recommends C-Section and tubes tied...pregnancy could be fatal
*Looking at a liver transplant in the future. Maybe 5 years or so.

Dr. A (OB) 10-21-08
*Baby's heartbeat is 140
*He is getting enough oxygen and has enough room
*Referral back to High Risk
*Will wait to see what specialist says
*Agrees with C-Section and tubes tied. (its sinking in)
*Will talk with other Drs. and have plan by friday
*Blood thinners are daily injections called LOVENOX

Dr. M (High Risk)
*Baby looks great
*Measuring 27 weeks instead of 25
*Hoping to put off delivery till 35 weeks
*Referral to Hematologist
*Talked to Dr H. He wants a shunt in, says its is genetic and I need blood thinners
*Now on monthly visits
*No exercise or straining of any sort, but not confined to bed

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