October 26, 2008

Step 2

So my next stop took me in for my regular check up with my OB. She said she was reffering me to the GI Dr down the hall, just to be sure. I mentioned my difficulty breathing, light headedness and pressure in my abdomen. She said that while she was surprise it was starting this early, it was all part of being pregnant. Now having being pregnant before, I wanted to say something, but she is the Dr after all and I know not all pregnancies are the same. So I figured I would just bring it up to the GI Dr and see his take on it.
The 2 weeks in between the appointments were hell, but the day finally came. Nerves were setting in but I kept telling myself everything was fine. I mean seriously how bad could it be right? The GI Dr was great. He made me feel so much better. He expalined that what might seem like a large liver to some Drs, is perfectly normal for me. He told me how studies come up with the "average" size and said that most times someone is reffered to him with a case like mine it turns out to be nothing. 5% he said turn out to be something more. He still hadn't see my ultrasounds yet, but he felt around my abdomen and said he wanted to run some labs. After I had all that done, he still hadn't gotten my pictures, so he sent me home and promised to call as soon as he went over them. So off I went to wait again.

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