October 25, 2008

How it all started

This was all started when I went in for my 16 week ultrasound. We knew something was immediately up when in the middle of the session, the tech made some excuse about forgetting some paperwork and pretty much ran out of the room. When she came back I asked if everything was OK and she told me a Dr would come in and explain everything to us. Then she told us we are having another boy! I saw two legs and two arms, a head, toes and fingers, a heartbeat...he looked perfect. Confusion set in and we waited for the Dr. In comes the Dr and the first thing she says is "The baby looks great" So here I am thinking OK so whats the problem...

The problem was my liver and spleen were large enough to throw up a red flag. She explained to me where they were supposed to be and where they were. She told me that she would send my report to my OB and we would go from there.

So I got dressed, got my pictures from the tech and we were on our way. My guess was they would give me some meds to help and that everything would be just fine. Little did I know...

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