October 17, 2021

Mornings, Miles and MRI results

Theres just something about taking the time to count your blessings.  Sure it might sound kind of silly but sometimes you just really need to look back at what did go right.  I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I don't realize just how much good there was in a week.  Friday rolls around and we are like "TGIF" and heres to surviving another week.  But when we look back, we didn't just survive.  We are so quick to be over with a week that was full of so many little bits of good and happy moments.  I digress. 

Mornings, Miles and MRI Results

One of my favorite things to do is go back and single out the little things.  My accomplishments, good choices and all the other bits and pieces that made me smile.  Sometimes they are big things.  And sometimes they are so small you almost miss them.  Like when a baby in the store smiles at you or the book you wanted is on sale.  Who knows.  I do know happiness is contagious and that its something this world needs more of so I figured Id get back to sharing mine here.  

Happiness for me this week looked a little like this...

Good Morning Humble TX

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise!

Meeting my new Hematologist.

Awesome report cards. 

Getting outside for a few of my miles.

Having Koopa home and hanging out with him.

Getting my MRI results and scheduling my follow up.

Getting good sleep.

Watching TV and paining my nails.

Lots of quiet time on the patio.

Moving with purpose and resting with grace this week.

Putting in my daily deposits

I have been putting in my daily deposits as my trainer calls them.  Showing up each morning and doing the work.  Some days are easier than others.  But workout leaves me smiling like a total fool because "Holy crap I did that!"  The group also decided on doing a mile a day challenge for October to support and share stories of how breast cancer has touched our lives.  Im loving the daily check its and love getting outside for a few of those miles so far.  Some days just get away from me and I end up on the treadmill.  But doing this together and hearing everyones stories in inspiring!  Im happy to be a part of it.

I met my new hematologist and was so nervous.  I had been with my last team for 13 years.  I was able to stay with the same medical group and the new doctor was just as nice.  The staff was all friendly too.  One of the nurses tracked me down 30 minutes later a few floors down in the lab to give me a paper for more labs that they forgot to add on.  That was nice and I didn't have to go back to redo it!  

I also made my appointment to follow up with my new liver doctor.  I did my test last Friday and got my results on Tuesday I think.  I was talking on the phone with my sister and went though all the findings with her.  The Dr said he was suspicious of my cirrhosis diagnosis and the final impression notes from the Dr state "Liver cirrhosis with a mottled appearance of the liver." So, Im interested to see what the good Doc has to say Monday when I go back in.  There was lots of good news in the report too.  Like that my kidneys and pancreas are "unremarkable!"  Yay!

It was quite a week around here.  I managed to get my workout and miles in everyday.  And make up for the two I missed the week before.  There was good food.  I am working on going to bed earlier than usual and have managed to hit my 6 hour goal most nights.  And Ive gotten in lots of good time to myself on the patio.  And its nice to hang out back with Koopa too, now that we finally brought home on our last trip down to San Antonio.

Life is good!

What made you happy this week? 

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