February 12, 2021

Veggies, Video Chats and Venturing Out

What a week yall!  It is Friday and I am here for it.  I may have rolled out of bed an hour behind schedule and sipped my coffee like I had all the time in the world, when I do not, but here I am.  I have 4 things to do today.  Sweat, clean, cook and check the ac.  Life is hard!  OK maybe not that hard, but its happening.  It will more on with or without me so I need to get to getting things done.

Happiness is

But first because, I totally miss my Friday happiness posts and little thought sessions I do with myself, here I am.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to do these on the weekend instead because I wanted to include those days too.  And because I totally always make things so much harder than they really are.  But then the weekends happened and I never sat down to do it.  So here I am.  On Friday. Sharing a few things that made me happy this week.  

San Antonio Zoo Okapi

Last weekend,  we grabbed our cameras and our masks and the 4 of us got out of the house.  Its been a while since we have been to the zoo.  David and I went a few weeks back because we had to pick up our passes, but the boys haven't the beginning of all this.  We also took them out to eat.  It was one fun day and I literally watched in awe as the light started to fill up their eyes again.  Fresh air, some learning and a meal.  It probably wont happen again for another long stretch, but it made all our hearts happy, and lighter.

Miso Maple Glazed Salmon Bok Choy Bowls

This week I tried 3 new dinner recipes from the nutrition plan I (try to) follow.  That means I sat my carb loving carnivores down with a plate that was 75% veggies and 25% protein and walked away praying they liked it.  They really are all good sports about it.  Each had feedback and all the opinions, but they ate what I gave them.  Most of it anyways.  And now I have a few more meals up my sleeve that are better for them.  Happy hearts again.  Literally.  

Happiness is Change

Ive been really trying to push myself in my workouts and I can feel my body changing.  I can see my body changing.  Some days it are easier than others and some days, I have to facetime my sister so she can hold me accountable.  What did we ever do with out video chats?  Phones sure have come a long way and so have I! 

There is also something in the works that will bring BIG change into our lives.  No Im not pregnant.  But its something would be life changing for us.  I can't quite say just yet because I really don't want to jinx it.  But we should have an answer by the end of next week and hopefully it will be what we wanted so I can share then!!  Prayers and Good vibes would be much appreciated though.

This week has been full of anticipation, a few drops of stress and a giant load of happiness.  After the weekend and getting out, we were all ready for the week ahead I guess.  This weekend is going to be cold and there is snow in the forecast.  Yes, Snow, in Texas. So, probably it will be a long weekend inside, staying warm and talking more about what could be.

Your Turn...

What made you happy this week?  
What are your plans for the weekend?
How do you feel about change?

Happy Friday Friends.  I hope you all have an amazing weekend and that it is full of happiness!

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