March 24, 2020

Menu Plan 3•23•20

I know.  Its technically Tuesday and I usually post my Menu on Mondays but man, nothing is normal right now.  For now I am having to shop first then make a menu out of what we are able to get.  It looks like I am going to have to have David make one trip for meat and then go from there.  Well that was the plan anyways.

I sent him to the store on Sunday with a list and he came back with a handful of things.  Chips and snacks for the boys, shampoo and toothpaste.  But as far as my grocery list, he brought home an onion...  So on Monday, I told him I would go with him to the store and see what they had and make what I could find.  Came home from two stores with a damn near empty wallet and a handful of bags.  We bought what we could find.  Which was mostly snacks and processed food.  They were almost out of bananas even.  We still have enough food to get us though the week.  The boys are already tired of chicken legs, but they know that they get what they get! Here is what they are getting this week.

Hot Dogs and fries.
Adobo Chicken.
More Chicken.
Tuna Casserole.

Nothing but a few tubs of chicken hearts left!

The stores were out of salad and lettuce.  I grabbed a few zucchini before they were gone.  But there was no meat aside from some frozen seafood.  I grabbed a bag of seafood mix for the boys and I to try for lunch.  We scored a little bag of rice!  And found some hidden hotdog buns to match the hotdogs David found on Sunday.  Its not our usual kinda week but it will do!  I will be having shakes and oats and veggies mostly.  I might cave in and have a hot dog.  Someone slap my hand away!  I kid.

The city will be on Shelter in Place order until April 9th.  David will still be working both jobs.  So its pretty much business as usual for us around here.  Well, with the boys home.  They are settling into a routine.  Im enjoying their company thats for sure. 

I hope that you are all doing ok!  What are things looking like for you?  Are you still working and able to find the food and supplies you need?  Are you making time for yourself?  I know so many who are struggling.  I think we all are or will be at some point!  Sending you all love!

Stay safe friends!

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