February 24, 2020

Menu Plan 2•24•20

You know those weekends where you are just to busy enjoying life that you forget to do something.  Then come Sunday night when you are trying to set yourself up for a good week you realize, YOU FORGOT TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING...  Just me?  Damn.  Well, it is what it is.  They are ordered and will be picked up just in time to make a late dinner tonight and send the boys to bed.  Then I will be praying they are feeling well enough to go to school in the morning.

Menu Plan

Both boys are home sick today.  Both crashed out on the couch watching a movie.  Both wanting to eat but coughing up a storm.  Neither have a fever but both feel like crap so, here they are.  And here I am still trying to stay ahead of my week.  Got up this morning and got the day off to a good start.  Coffee, housework, a walk and a shower were all done before 10am.  Like who even am I?  Now Im sitting down to get my menu written out while I wait for the lunch to finish cooking.  It is a cheap/clean out the freezer kinda week so the menu is looking a little...filling.  But whatever.  Here it is...

Sausage, Rice and Corn

Spaghetti and Salads

Mushroom Chicken and Veggies

Arroz con Pollo

Air Fried fish and what ever veggies are left

So, how about those carbs.  Eh.  Well this week it looks like we will be working on portion control!  Balance is key and all that good stuff.  Im actually hoping to do quite a bit of walking this week so that should help.  Plus if Im being honest, I don't eat when I make spaghetti and sausage rice and corn is a tad too sausage-y for me.

Pink Flamingo

So this is me.  Popping up to share my menu with y'all and see what made it on your menu for the week.  Also me asking what you did this weekend and if you had fun.  We took a good walk around the Zoo to see if I could get around and not piss my heart off.  And it was awesome.  I walked up hills and a crap ton of stairs and was not even out of breath.  BOOM!

And now I am going to get ready to go hopefully my last appointment of the month.  Aside from lab work, I don't have another appointment for 6 weeks.  Y'all, its the little things!

Happy Monday!

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