February 18, 2020

Menu Plan 2•17•20

And just like that it's Tuesday.  Wait what?  Yup.  Monday kinda just snuck up on us and everyone having the day off threw me for a loop.  But Im all caught up now.  I know what day it is!  David is off to work and the boys are off to school.  And Im coming at you from the comfort of my bed.  Because...Tuesday.

We had a great weekend.  Well a great week actually.  David took some time off from both jobs and was home with us for 6 days straight.  I feel like we saw him more in those few days than we have since Thanksgiving.  It was nice.  It was needed and now we are all ready to get back to reality.  As ready as we will ever be.

Yesterday I finally fired up the grill and threw some chicken on.  David was laughing at me because I was blasting my "island" music and grilling.  It smelled so good!  I made Hawaiian mac salad and corn too.  And then David asked for regular salad so we mixed that up too.  I told him if I closed my eyes it was almost like I was a kid again.  Just needed that blue water.  I guess a trip to the beach is needed.  But for now let's just talk about the rest of the menu.  Its another quick and easy kinda week.  Check it out!

Turkey Avocado Club Wraps.

Lemon Pepper Turkey.

Beef and Veggie Stir Fry.

Baked Lime Chicken Bowls.

I think Im going to end up making a larger batch of brown rice and making pilaf on the night we have the lemon pepper turkey and then use the leftovers for fried rice when we have the stir fry.  We all key to good fried rice is cold rice, right?! And there will be lots of veggies and salads too.

Menu Monday

I also think I am going to try to make a point to grill more.  I love it.  Plus it means I get to spend more time out back and we all know I could probably live on the patio so its a win/win for me.  I asked the boys what we should do next and they all agree it should be anything BUT chicken!  You think they are over poultry?  Guess I can always throw me some fish on the grill alongside some beef.  Mmmm. I cant wait.

We spent the weekend mostly at home.  We celebrated my neighbor wife's birthday Saturday and I am still sore from laughing so hard.  Yesterday was all about cleaning up around the house.  Yard work, washing the car and chilling.  Nothing super exciting at all and yet, just what we needed.

How was your weekend?
Whats on your menu for the week?

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