November 11, 2019

Menu Monday 11•11•19

Well its been quite the Monday morning around here.  I just got home and figured I would get my menu up before I crash and take a nap.   I don't get out much so, an hour at the Elementary Veterans Day Ceremony, where we almost got sideswiped in the parking lot, and then an appointment and more lab work has me spent.  I literally can't stop yawning.  But I need to get dinner prepped, eat something, get laundry started and dishes done,  then I can lay down.  I should probably feed Koopa too.   There will be time for a nap, Im almost certain.  Certain-ish.

I have really been wanting to get back to the kitchen.  I miss trying new recipes.  Its a busy week this week so Im keeping it pretty simple.  I did plan out tonights dinner and Fridays too.  Just because they are the busiest ones.  Here is what's cooking up this week in my kitchen.

Chicken Burrito Bowls

Sausage Rice and Corn Skillet

Spaghetti Night

Arroz con Pollo

Wings Pizza

So first things first, Im kinda kicking myself in the ass because, holy carbs.  I didn't really put much thought into this weeks dinners and it shows.  But you know what?  You win some and you lose some.  Plus the guys will be happy for a week of filling meals. 

I figured we would start the week off with the healthiest dinner.  Also chose the Burrito Bowls first because my avocados won't last much longer.  And the only other day set in stone is Friday.  I was going to air fry up some wings, but Alex and I have PTA stuff after school so we won't be home until after 5.  David will just grab pizza on the way home so he can eat before going to work again.  Im really trying to make sure dinner is ready on time because he only has about an hour of wiggle room between the two.  Oh the joys. 

So, we are looking at a quick, carb-y week around here.  What are some of your favorite easy kinda dinners?  Because I need to figure out next weeks menu already so Im not rushing again. 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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