August 15, 2019

Did we just find the perfect dog bed?

This post is sponsored by La-Z Boy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Dogs. They come in every shape, size and color. From the itty bitty to the great bigs. Black, blue, golden and brindle. Each one has a personality all their own. In return, for the loyalty and love they give us, they deserve a little love and comfort of their own. And the perfect dog bed can give them just that.

Buffy loves to stretch out in her new La-Z Boy!

If you have been around for a while you will know that our front door is a revolving dog door and over the past couple if years we have had 11 foster dogs and puppies crash at Casa Munoz. Every dog that has come though here has been meet with a bowl full of food, all the hugs and kisses a dog could ever ask for and a bed to keep them comfy.  But we could never find the perfect bed and have gone though a dozen or more.  Until now.  Now we have a La-Z Boy Dog Bed!  What makes these beds so perfect?  

All smiles!

Our house is not big by any means (even though we tend to foster mostly big dogs) so trying to find a bed that not only fits our dog but fits in well with the style of the house is hard. Was hard. La-Z boy offers a hug variety of beds to match not only your dogs size but their sleep positions too. We got the Duchess fold out sleeper sofa. Folded up the bed is more compact but when its folded out the dogs c
an enjoy it even more. It can also be enjoyed by more dogs! I mean if you have the space on the bed, why not fill it? Im gonna need another bed! And a few more fosters?

Share my bed?  What?

Not only do these beds look amazing but they are made with the same quality you would expect from a La-Z Boy. They are beyond comfortable. With 5 layers of cushioning and even more support from the bolsters on the sides any dog would love to get comfy in one of these.
Buffy is about 45 lbs and can easily snuggle up on the bed while its folded up but also loves being able to really stretch her legs and spread out a little bit. This is a bed made for those dogs that sleep on their sides or like to sprawl out. They also make beds for those donut sleepers. What position does your dog sleep in?

All eyes on the door!

In our house we have the "dog wall" where we keep the dog beds. When you open up our front door, you look down the hall and the dogs are looking right back at you. We all know that the dogs give the final seal of approval of all guests anyways right. Around here you have to pass the sniff test. From the dog bed they can watch as people enter our home and give their paw of approval.

Are snacks in bed ever NOT messy?

Speaking of approval, this bed looks good, feels good but there is one thing that really seals the deal for me. Cleaning! La-Z boy dog beds are made with their iClean fabric, making it easy to spot clean the smaller messes. Big messes aren't a problem either just unzip and toss the cover into the wash! A dog bed that looks this good should smell good. This bed is mom approved too!

What are you looking for in a dog bed? Style? Comfort? Quality? This bed is all three! Check out the rest of the pet line HERE. Which bed do you think your dog would love best? I may have my eye on the Bartlett Sofa!

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