August 1, 2019

August Goals and Mantras

Its AUGUST!  The last month of Summer.  Back to school time.  I'm not ready.  I have a love/hate relationship with this month.  By now I'm usually over this heat, my hair is fried from the pool water and I am ready for the boys to go back to school.  But this summer has been a bit of a dud.  Outside of a great weekend at the beach, we haven't really done much so its time to pack in in and get some things done.  There are memories to be made people!

July was a hard month for me.  Between the dogs, everyone getting sick and doctors appointments, still trying to shake this cough, it just seemed to be never ending.  I'm so ready to put it behind me.  Before we get into this months goals, lets take a look at Julys Goals and see how I did.

  • Post 3 times a week - Missed a few days
  • Take a nap on the beach.
  • Schedule 3 appointments.
  • Back to school shopping.
  • Try 2 new recipes.
  • Print some pictures - Totally forgot to do this!

  • Try 3 new recipes.
  • Read something. Anything!
  • Say YES more!
  • Clean up my eating habits.
  • Be more present and involved.
  • Get on a better sleep schedule.
  • Take more pictures!
  • Start walking again.

OK, so August!  I know there are a lot of things on there.  Please let this month be kind to me.  With the last two months being such a bummer of a summer, I'm hoping to really go out with a bang and make August the best of it.  I don't want to get caught up in sweating the small stuff.  There is to much going on this month to worry about it.  So let's talk big things!

I'm turning 37.  And while I seem to be scary even on the scale of good and bad days, I am loving life.  Simply because I am alive.  I may not be in the best shape.  I may have wrinkles.  And everything seriously hurts in the morning, but I'm doing this.  I am alive.  I am surrounded by amazing people.  I am married to a man who loves me even on the dark and ugly days.  My boys are the most awesome dudes ever.  Getting older has never felt so good!

I am about to have a high schooler.  OMG y'all!  How does this even happen.  Just the other day we were talking about some of the crazy moments of my high school years and I couldn't believe its been almost 20 years since I said goodbye and left home.

Anthony is also starting his hormone therapy this month.  If the pharmacy can get it together, it should be just a few more days.  And then Operation Grow will be on its way to the grand finale.  It will take a good 4 years or so to wrap up, but we are really looking forward to any growth.  I think just knowing that its actually going to happen has made the idea of actually having to do this a little easier.  I have never seen a kid so happy to get an injection.  EVERY NIGHT FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!  His spirits are up and so are mine.  But being a mama also comes with worrying about the behind the scenes.  The side effects are scary but if we can get though this, and grow, it will be worth it all.  Ill take a few prayers for him if you have them!


It has taken me a long time to figure this out but damned if it doesn't feel good.  When someone ask you for something and you say no.  They ask why not?  Because, it doesn't make me happy!  BOOM!  I spend a lot of time making sure everyone else if happy, and often that means making myself unhappy and overwhelmed.  This month I'm going to focus on saying yes to the happy and no to the not happy.  That should help make the month better I think!

What are your goals for the month?  Id love to hear them so I can cheer you on and remind you should you stray off of them LOL . Feel free to do the same to me.  Also, I'm gonna need book recommendations, a back up walking partner and a bucket full of melatonin! 

Happy August Everyone!!

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