July 15, 2019

Menu Monday 7•15•19

Monday is here again!  Who was ready for it?  I know I wasn't!  But theres no changing that so lets get this week kicked off with another menu.

This weeks menu is for the most part pretty simple and easy . And we are trying a new recipe!  Come check out what made the menu this week!

Baked Tenders

Spanish rice

Thai Chicken Wraps
Sautéed Veggies

Island Drumsticks


So, theres a lot of chicken.... 

But for what its worth, last week we had not one chicken dinner.  Plus they are all very different flavors so hopefully that will help break things up too.  

David is home today to take me to my Transplant Clinic Appointment in a few minutes.  And I figured we would probably run any errands we need to since we didn't do any this weekend. So they are getting tenders and fries.  

I am in the process of a food reset.  I haven't been eating as I should be and I can feel it.  So while the guys are enjoying this weeks menu, I will be trying to pick and choose what I can and can't eat off the menu and adding in things that are ok for me to eat.  Im still trying to figure that all out as I go.  If I were to follow all of my doctors restrictions and suggestions, this is what Im looking at.

No sugar.  No meat.  No salt.  Low fat.  No green leafy veggies.   Low carbs.  No caffeine. 

Sooooo, water is in.  But seriously, I feel like everything else is out!  Trying balancing that out.  Its going to take we a few weeks to write up and sort it all out but I have to do it.  Thankfully I can fall back on shakes and bars for a few meals.  But God, I love real food.  And not in a gluttonous way, but I love to cook and eat.  We will see what I come up with.  

Whats on your menu this week?  Anyone else on dietary restrictions/suggestions?  

I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

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