June 10, 2019

Menu Monday 6•10•19

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a great day.  First Monday of Summer Break should be chill, but then I remembered how crazy this day is about to get and I threw the blankets back over my head and hid for just a few more minutes.  I'm not ready. But there's no hiding from it so... Happy Monday!

Days like today are the reason I plan out my menu each week.  Knowing what I need to do during the day to make the actual cooking part of the day easier is key.  Today we have two different appointments, at the same time, across town.  I am beyond thankful to have such awesome in-laws who will take Alex to the Dentist while we take Poncho to meet the Oncologist.  Anthony was supposed to have his MRI at the same time too but we bumped that a few days so that I could be with him and everyone was less stressed out by then. I hope.

Menu Monday

But for now, lets just start with what we have lined up for dinners this week! Its another simple and quick kind of week!  My favorite!


Chicken Tacos

Crispy Baked Chicken

Supper Club Fish

Spaghetti Night

Chicken Street Tacos
Tacos are always a win!  Am I right or am I right?

As far as sides for these meals, I'm totally not lying when I say I am just going to let them pick what ever it is they want.  I have salads and veggies and some potatoes, they can just figure that part out them selves.  I did grab some fries to go with the burgers.

Anthony has offered to be the grill master tonight.  He loves grilling as much as me.  I love seeing him standing there too.  I hope that never changes.  My Dad could man a grill like a boss so I want to make sure that both boys know their way around the fire too.  As they have gotten older they are spending less time in the kitchen with me, but I'm hoping to work on that this summer.  Kids making dinner might just become a regular thing around here.  I was cooking a young age so they can too right?

When did you start cooking?  If they boys can grow up with decent kitchen skills, my heart will be happy!

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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