June 3, 2019

Menu Monday: 6•3•19

Another week, another menu.  Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyones week is off to a good start!  For me that means my menu is planned and my kids got up and off to school on time. 

I always hear people talk about how light their dinners get in the Spring and Summer, but after a light dinners last week I realized something. There is no way I am making it though the Summer with two growing boys, one who will be starting growth hormone therapy with meat and salads.  Not that they didn't enjoy and eat enough, but they were hungry again before bed.  And not the "Just have a banana!" kind of hungry, like, "do you think dad is going to eat his lunch tomorrow?" kind of hungry.  They were eyeballing the leftovers I pack for David to take to lunch the next day.  Growing boys are tanks! 

This weeks menu is for sure a little heavier than last weeks.  

Baked Chicken 


Honey Soy Chicken

Pork Chops


During the summer the boys usually have more dinner suggestions.  85% of them will put me at the grill but thats ok with me.  I love to grill.  Yes, Moms can grill too!  And even more than that, I love when they give me ideas of things to make because that is harder than the actually cooking part.  

Tell me about you menu for the week!  Are you ready to go or are we winging it again?  I do all my shopping on the weekend, mostly because thats when David is home to drive. But it helps so much to have everything set at the start of the week.  If I was allowed to drive Id probably do it on Fridays so Im set through the weekend too.  But Id also spend a crap ton more on things I probably didn't really need!  

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and an even more amazing week!   

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