May 6, 2019

Menu Monday 5•6•19

Its a new week.  And even though we are out the door at the crack of dawn today, I'm ready for it.  Well, as ready as I can be anyways.  Bring it on Monday!  At least my menu is planned.  Gotta start somewhere right?

So this weeks menu is brought to you my the letter CHICKEN.  That's a thing right?  Because really, holy crap with the chicken Kim!  There is a lot of it this week.  And tacos are still up in the air as far as chicken or beef.  That's right, we haven't even been to the store yet.  But the menu is planned but not set in stone.  Here's what has made the cut this far...

Still deciding...

Taco Night

Baked Lime Chicken


Homemade "Chick-fil-A" Sandwiches

So David is home today and we are off with Anthony gets to his second STIM test this morning.  We are hoping this is the last hoop we have to jump though before he can be approved for treatments and we can get this grow show on the road.  This kid could use a break and if that could come in the form of a couple of inches that would be just  great for me!

Mom left yesterday so it is back to the fun game that is me, talking to the dogs all day.  I need a hobby and a bottle of energy.  I think I will keep on with operation backyard beatification.  I have yet to plant my jasmine plant in the ground and I have stacks of pallets to break down.  To bad it calls for rain all week.  Hmmm.  Maybe I will take up binge watching some Netflix and staying comfy inside until the sun comes out again!  Yes, thats what I'll do.

For now, we are off.  But first, wheres my coffee?

Have an amazing Monday everyone!  Cheers to a fresh start and a great week!

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