May 20, 2019

Menu Plan: 5•20•19

Let's start the week off with a show of hands.  Who is ready for the week?  Who is not?  I am not even close.  I may or may not have gone to be with dishes in the sink.  The boys were lucky I stayed up late to get their laundry done.  The dogs are a mess and I have to leave the house in a little bit for an appointment and labs.  But my menu is done! 

Yup.  This is about all I have going for me at this point.  If I show up to the Dr with matching shoes and my clothes on the right way, it will be a miracle.  The boys went to bed early but were restless all night long so they were dragging tail this morning.  David was running late and took the wrong lunch.  And I still haven't been to bed yet.  By the time I get back from the hospital I will be time to get dinner started and the chance of me squeezing in a nap before we go get the kids from school is little to none.  And this is exactly why I plan out my menus.  So even when shit hits the fan, there is something I don't have to worry about.  Dinner!  Here is what made the menu for this week.

Mushroom Chicken

Chicken Street Tacos

Cajun Shrimp and Sausage

Arroz con Pollo

Leftovers / Nachos

Its not the most creative menu ever.  Its a little extra carb-y.  But guess what,  that's just going to have to do for this week.  It seems to be that I am in an eating slump again.  I go through phases it seems where I can eat with out any pain and then for a few week everything hurts and I don't want to eat.  Like this week.  Even a piece of birthday cake had me sick for hours yesterday.  

So who else has their menu for the week planned out?  Whats cooking?  I always try to start planning the next week as soon as the week starts so that I'm not left just throwing a menu together last minute.  I better get to that!  

Well, I am off to the doctor.  I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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