March 4, 2019

Menu Plan: 3•4•19

Ok Monday!  I'm not quite as prepared as I had wanted to be for the week, but bring it.  After a few slow and sick weeks, I am ready for a fresh start.  This is the last week before spring break.  I have no doctors appointments.  I'm awake and ready to face the week.

Menu for the week

Starting with getting my menu written down.  This week is as usual an easy week.  Except, I totally spaced on Lent so I have to get back to the store at some point to get Wednesday and Fridays dinners.  Oops.  So here is what will be cooking in my kitchen this week...

Shrimp and Sausage Skillet

Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Lemon Garlic and Herb Salmon
Green Beans
Sriracha Ranch Chopped Salad

Homemade Turkey Sloppy Joes

Still deciding this one :)

Not sure what we are doing for Friday still.  We need to run back to the store to get the buns for sloppy joes I forgot to get.  Oops.  Speaking of sloppy joes, when I asked the boys what we should have for dinner this week Alex replied with "Well its been a few years since I decided I hated sloppy joes, so I think I could try them again now..."  First of all, what kid doesn't like sloppy food?  He likes the taste but not the mess.  And second, I love when they actually give me ideas!

I have so much to catch up on around here.   Plus with the way I was feeling last week, I didn't take my brain meds, so I'm feeling and looking a hot mess.  I'm hoping they will get all this fluid off of me before I have to take back my "no doctors this week" comment. Bottoms up!

San Antonio Zoo Rhinos Return

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We mostly relaxed.  We did get to the  Zoo to see the new Rhino Savanna and the two new lady rhinos.  They are just beautiful.  They are one of my favorite animals on this earth.  There will be a Mr Rhino joining the pair soon enough and things will get extra interesting!  More photos to come!

How was your weekend?  Relaxing and full of laughter I hope!  Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Let me know below so I can get some ideas for next week :)  I'm running out of ideas here!

Happy Monday!

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