March 7, 2019

March Goals and Mantras

How is it March 6th already? I got a little to caught up in life so even though I started writing this out last week, I'm just not getting around to finishing it. The Spring feels have hit me already, even if it is 40° outside. Ive got spring break on my mind so, forgive me for being a little late to the party!

First lets look at how I did in last month....

• Read 4 books. Done. And while I enjoyed them all, you guys, have you read Where the Crawdads Sing? This book started off a little slow for me but next thing I know it was 3am and I had to force myself to quit reading. I finished it the next day!
• Send out some happy mail.
I was so close. I have the envelopes ready to go but I need stamps! Ugh! Its done-ish ok!
• Schedule all the appointments Ive been hiding from. So, about that...

• Date day or night. Done. Does breakfast and a kid free trip to the zoo count? I'm going with yes and calling this one good.

• Move.  On purpose.  Maybe even break a sweat. I didn't even have the energy to do anything and 75% of the month was spent in bed. So this was a total fail. I should probably stop putting this kind of pressure on a failing body that never wants to cooperate and just move when I can.

• Try some new foods.  We tried a few new recipes this month! I bought brussel sprouts but then I forgot about them in the back of the veggie drawer. We also tried lentil pasta, which wasn't as bad as I was expecting and the boys enjoyed it too so WIN!

• Go somewhere new.  
So we had plans to go for a hike but after day 2 of David's vacation and walking around the zoo, I was worn out the rest of the week. We did go to lunch at a new restaurant after my tests so I guess this is a win too!

• Do something Ive never done before. That was a bit of a reach to start with. I mean, I'm pretty much housebound, but I threw it on there just in case we actually got out more while David was home. Which didn't work out as planned but whatevs. You win some, you lose some.

So 50/50. It could be worse. I think this month I'm going to go easy on myself. Yesterday was the start of Lent so that will be added in to this months goals as well. Honestly last month knocked all the wind out of my sails so I really just want to get though this month and feel like I did something with my life this month. Trying to stay as healthy as I can. It will be better when the sun and warmth come out. I'm so over this cold/winter funk Ive gotten stuck in! Which brings me to this months mantra.


• Give up soda.
• Toss 40 bags in 40 30 days.
• No more late night snacking.
• Clean out under beds.
• Spend more time with the boys.
• Post 3 times a week.
• Work on growing IG.
• Bake something new.
Here's to hoping that this month I can get right with Jesus, literally, and get this all done! Even after decluttering in January, I have a lot more I'm ready to toss out. Including all the clothes Alex has grown out of in just the last 3 months! And I'm sure I can fill a bag or two from the junk we have tucked away under our bed. Don't judge me!

Do you have any goals for the month of March? How did you do on your February goals?

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