February 6, 2019

February Goals

Happy February!  Can you believe how fast the days are passing?!  Me either.  But I'm excited for this month. And not just because I'm a sucker for Valentines Day either.  I love the idea of celebrating love but feel like its just become another "retail holiday."  I wont pass up some chocolates though.  Or roses. Or the cutest stuffed Rhino I saw at the store... ahem.  I know David saw my eyes lock on it, so Im secretly hoping it manages to find its way to my pillow come Valentines day.

Today, lets talk goals and take a look at last months goals and see how I did!

Complete 31 Day Declutter Challenge.
This was so much fun and I got rid of so much stuff.  I will admit that a few areas need to be given a second go though.  Like the kitchen cabinets and my master closet, but I feel like I did a pretty solid job on this.

Complete Chronically Inspiring Challenge.
When the boys were sick, I got a little behind so this isn't a win.  But it was so cool to follow everyone elses stories and see what they are going though.  I felt OK sharing my stories and was a little overwhelmed at the love that flowed with it.  If you happened to stop by and leave me some kind words or encouragement, thank you so very much!

Make a habit of making my bed.
I will admit that making the bed on the weekends is a little challenging.  Because we try to stay in it as long as we can and we take afternoon naps...a lot.  I missed a couple of week days but mostly when I was sick and in bed, so those don't count right?

Read 3 books.
Check, check and check! My favorite book this month was The Hate U Give.  I still can't even put into words all the emotion it made me feel.  It was unlike any other book I have read.  I had to put it down a few times because I was so upset and frustrated.  It breaks my heart to think that there are more stories just like it out there and all the hate in this story is real.

Try 4 new meals.
We smashed this one with 6 new recipes.  My favorite of them would have to be the Spaghetti Squash Casserole because it was the farthest out of our comfort zone.  And even though the guys were unsure of it, the flavor got 2 thumbs up all around and there were no leftovers!

Date night!
You guys!  We completely failed at this.  Which is crazy because we have always found a way to spend at least one night out.  But we will make up for it this month since David is taking some time off.

So not so great. But not to bad either for a procrastinator and commitment phobe like me.  Add in a week and a half of sickness and I think I did ok.  Here's to hoping this month I can do better!

Now for this month.
  • Read 4 books.

  • Send out some happy mail.

  • Schedule all the appointments Ive been hiding from.

  • Date day or night.

  • Move.  On purpose.  Maybe even break a sweat.

  • Try some new foods. 

  • Go somewhere new.  

  • Do something Ive never done before.

So there are a few more things on this months list than last month, but they should all be fairly easy to do.  I'm already one book in so I bumped my reading goal to 4.  I have pictures that I need to mail out so some happy mail shouldn't be that hard.  And David will be off for a whole week so if we don't fit a date in there somewhere, I just might cry!

I'm most excited to try new things.  What should I eat?  Where should I go?  What should I do?

What are some of your goals you have for this month?

Peaceful Posse

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