January 28, 2019

Menu Plan: 1•28•19

After the craziness of last week I am really hoping this week is going to go easy on me.  Alex is almost 100% back to his crazy self and Anthony is breathing and feeling great again so I feel like we are starting off strong.  Fingers crossed it stays that way all week!

Before I get distracted, Happy Monday!  Who has their menus planned for the week?  Who is totally winging it this week? Here's what we came up with...

Chicken Sandwiches

Street Tacos

Baked Pork Chops
Some kind of veggie

Mushroom Chicken
Brow Rice

Chicken Stir Fry
Leftover rice turned Fried rice

Another easy week here.  I totally planned based off of store sales and what I had in the freezer.  I set a goal to try 4 new recipes this month and I think this weeks Stir Fry makes #6.  I love trying new recipes and new foods.  What have you tried new lately?

The weekend was spent running errands and a trip to the zoo to try out my new lenses.  Anthony is debating on Yearbook and Photography Club next year so he has been gifted my old camera and is eager to learn all the things.  A walk around the zoo was perfect.  Bright lights, low light, macro, telephoto, ISO, shutter speed.  His head was spinning the whole time but he is processing it all.  I will share some of our shots soon!

Today I have labwork for two different Doctors.  I have so much catching up to do on the declutter challenge that its not even funny.  But Ill get it done.  And I need to schedule appointments for next month.  Fun stuff!  I best get to it!

Happy Monday!!

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