December 24, 2018

Menu Plan: December 24th

Its Christmas Eve!  Are you excited?  I know I am.  We are switching things up a little around here this year.  Usually we spend the day at home and do a big Christmas Eve Dinner.  This year has been all about spending time together as a family.  And if we stay home, we will all get comfortable and scatter.  The boys get lost in their games and David and I laze around.  So we are gonna head out in a little bit for a little fun.

This weekend, we had a pizza and movie night.  The boys stuck around for the first movie, Venom.  But then David and I watched Mile 22.  Both movies were good.  The boys loved Venom, which was nice because they have been a little hesitant the last few movie nights.  We love seeing them laugh and jump with the movie.  And Mile 22 was a real nice change of what we have been watching and the ending threw me, big time.  I love it when that happens.  The movie fun didn't stop there.  Our first stop of the day happens to be the movie theater to see Aquaman!

But before we get to all that fun stuff, its also Monday and that means its time for a menu.  This week its more of of a wishlist.  When we decided to scrap our usual Christmas Eve plans, we forgot to take dinner into account and have plans to be out late.  And we were going to push dinner to Christmas Day, but, hello, Tamales.  So, I'm just calling this a rough draft.   Here's whats supposed to be on the menu this week!  Check back on Friday to see if we were even close!


Tamales at Grandmas


Lemon Pepper Chicken Bowls

Street Tacos

Not going to lie, I totally just threw things into the cart and rolled with it.  I asked everyone what they wanted for Christmas Breakfast and they said cereal.  CEREAL!  And you know what, I rolled with that too.  It's kind of nice to just wing things.  I have been crazy with the over thinking thing lately.  I'm working on it.

Id love to stay and chat but theres some dude named Jason Mamoa waiting for me and Id hate to keep him waiting!  After the movie we are off to get some fresh air before we hit up the zoo lights.  Hopefully we will get there with enough time to stop by and say hello to some of our favorite animals.  Be warned, there will most likely be a flood on my Instagram today.  Sorry not sorry.

Anyways, I know I'm kind of rambling so I'm will stop for now.  But really, come visit me on Instagram later :)   Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas.  I hope you all made the nice list and Santa brings you something good!

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