November 16, 2018

Drs, Dentists and No Days Off

Just when I think I am ready for vacation, the week before vacation happens.  Never fails right.  Oh well, what matters most is that its Friday and its also time for Thanksgiving break!  In just a few short hours, the boys will be home and my heart will be happy.  Even happier a when David gets home.

This week was full.  I feel like everyday it was something.  But there were little blessings in it all. So before I crash out and take the nap I have been dreaming about all week, I wanted to share a few things that made this week better!

  1.  Playing hooky with the boys and visiting the Aquarium. 
  2.  Clean Teeth.  One of the best feelings ever!
  3.  Catching up with my both of my sisters.
  4.  Finishing up my Thanksgiving menu and list.
  5.  Getting the boys to try goat cheese for the first time.
  6.  All the Holiday Decorations.
  7.  Receiving a copy of a book written by a neighbor.
  8.  Starting the week with two nights of great sleep!
  9.  Making my list and checking it twice.
  10.  Hot showers. Its not even winter and I'm frozen!
I only took a few photos this week!  I usually snap photos of EVERYTHING!  But when I went to make this weeks list, I realized I have a taken less than 10.  I did take a few videos at the Aquarium but they are of us playing with a python and I know most of y'all won't appreciate that!  I'm sure it will make it on IG at some point though so be warned!

There is this one.  This chicken reminded me of Hei Hei from Moana, just whiter and mean!  Total attention hog.  You know that meme about not being an early bird or a night owl.  I'm an this girl, an permanently exhausted chicken!

I was supposed to take a nap today but the dogs were extra needy and I had a few things I needed to get done and next thing you know, its now.  After 6pm.  I first sat down to write this 11 hours ago.  Davids on his way home and reminded me that we still have a few things to do tonight!  I took a shower as a last ditch attempt to stay awake and realized I hadn't even finished writing!

Well, at least it's the weekend.  And its not raining so we might actually make it out to the corn maze this weekend.  I would like to get my Christmas lights up outside while Davids home.  And take the boys somewhere to take Christmas Card Photos.  We will see.  I say we just wing it and just be happy wherever we end up!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anything fun plans for Thanksgiving week?  I am sure we will make a trip to our usual spots, the Zoo, a few parks and get some holiday shopping done too!  As much as I dread winter weather, I am bursting with holiday spirit.

Happy Friday Everyone.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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