October 4, 2018

October Goals and Mantras

I'm still just blown away that it is OCTOBER already!  Anyone else.  The end of the year is so close and I'm not ready yet!  I should get myself back on track and finish the year strong.  Or I could just roll with it.  Nah!  I need structure otherwise things will only get crazier.

I have so many appointments to make and I would like to get them all scheduled now so that there are no last minute surprises.  I love going into the new year and not starting the new year out in appointments.  I need to see 

Between the crazy Summer and back to school, I have been a little cut off from people.  A few weeks ago I was talking to a childhood friend who was saying how good it would be to get the old gang back together.  Made me miss them even more but it also made me realize how out of touch we have all been.  I have a friend from home, here in the same town and haven't seen her in almost a year!  It doesn't help that I can't drive but we will figure something out!

The end of the year always has me looking at my medical bills.  This year there are a few more in there for Anthony too.  I know that it is impossible for me to ever not have any bills.  Oh the joys of Chronic Illness.  But I want to at least get 2 of them paid and over with.  There are a few giant ones in there that I need to set up payment plans on.  I should probably win the lotto too while I'm at it LOL Stranger things have happened...

We came up with the idea of us siblings getting together for Thanksgiving.  But then things came up and we still haven't found a place to stay.  We are trying to find something mid way between us and them.  They all have multiple drivers to our one driver (Sorry babe) And with us taking 2 long trips this summer, David isn't to thrilled about having to drive more than 8 hours.  I want to at least settle on a rental house and go from there.  

I haven't been reading much lately.  I have a few books on my list that I need to dive into.  During the Summer my reads are usually more chic lit and romance mush.  When the weather gets cooler, I tend to switch over to more mysteries and action/adventure type of reads.  

I love Instagram but have been slacking on that end lately.  And Facebook, well, I kinda fell out of love with it.  But I want to see what I can do there.  At least come up with some sort of schedule for it.  I guess mostly I want to be more present and moving forward, not backwards!

So now that I have decided to give Fall another chance, I can't help but realize that Fall in South Texas isn't really a Fall.  Sure we are in out of the 90s for now and in to the 80s so it is "freezing" in the morning but I want changing leaves and weather at least cold enough to keep the mosquitoes away.  So I am on the hunt for all things Fall.  I'm going to eat all things pumpkin, I'm going to drink fall drinks and I am going to take pictures of it all!  I might even find some signs of fall in the trees.  I will have to look hard, but there has to be some around here somewhere!

As far as mantra goes, I'm sticking to just this.  I really need to learn when to just let things be.  I am a typical middle child.  Always trying to fix things.  Always trying to be on everyones side.  And I suck at saying no and letting things go.  This month I want to work on letting things be.  Not trying to always fix things.  Saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong.  And I want to let go of a lot of this nonsense I am holding on to.  Including my Fall Blues.  I used to love this time of year, but I let a few bad years, get to me.  I can't change the fact that its here, so be ready, because I am about to embrace the shit out of it!  

What are you working on this month.  Do you have any goals you want to accomplish in October?  Let me know below!

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  1. I haven’t worked on my goals post yet for the month but still thinking about some things that I want to accomplish in October. This time of year tends to get to me, too. Fall blues. When the days are a bit shorter and the weather a bit cooler. I have a hard time with the change.

    I’m sorry to hear about all of your hospital bills :( it’s a necessity for people who have chronic illnesses and a shame that we don’t take better care of the sick in this country.

    Also I hope you’re able to reconnect with old friends and find a workaround to meet somewhere that makes sense for everyone for Thanksgiving. The holidays are always much brighter when you have your people around ❤️