October 15, 2018

Menu Plan Monday: October15th

I feel like all my Monday posts have started with "I can't believe its Monday already!"  But seriously, how is it Monday already?

Yesterday we were sweating our butts off and I woke up this morning to a nippy 53 degrees.  And its not just cold, its wet and cold.  This is what I was worried about.  This is why I hate this time of year.  But I said I was going to embrace it so I'm putting on my big girl undies and getting on with it.

Menu Plan

Today I have to do lab work for two different doctors and then I'm coming back home to hide from the cold under my blankets until its time to get the little kids from school.  My menu is planned and todays dinner will be perfect for this change in weather.  Whats on your menu?  Here's what we have lined up for the week!

Clam Chowder


Beef and Broccoli

Chicken Enchiladas


I have been having a hard time bouncing back from a cold I came down with almost two weeks ago.  Saturday we had a birthday party to go to and slept in and still needed a nap before we left to get through it.  Sunday, I slept in again.  We had to catch up on errands so as much as I wanted to go back to bed, it didn't happen.  David and I joked about how I have officially hit the 2 nap a day stage.  But I am just drained.  Who knows what will turn up in my lab work today!  Shoot, who knows what this whole day will turn up with.  There was a rush to get out the door this morning thanks to the weather and a change in bus schedule.  There was some drama with Anthonys school and Alex was worried about after school pick up since the weather is bad.  And now the dogs refuse to get up and go outside because heaven forbid they get their paws wet.  The only thing I do know right now is, I love my new mug!

Witch better have my coffee

What do you have lined up for meals this week?  What are some of your favorite cold weather foods?  I am going to be needing some more inspiration.  Its fixing to be chilly and wet well into next week!

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