October 8, 2018

Menu Monday: October 8th

I'm getting a late start to this week.  Three day weekends always throw me off.  Yesterday I kept forgetting that it was Sunday and I didn't even put in my grocery order until this just now.  Yup, total slacker over here.

Today the boys and I are just hanging out at home.  Anthonys working on a project, he "forgot" was due TOMORROW!  Alex is trying to play his video games quietly so I forget that he needs to come out of his room and eat at some point.  And I have a ton of things to do.  The house is a little out of sorts and the laundry is a little out of control.  Plus I have some writing to do, pictures to take and a video to make.  And its already past noon.  I supposed Ill get to it.  But first, about that menu...

Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken ( rollover from last week)
White Rice


Oven Fried Chicken
Zucchini and Squash

Ham and Potato Soup

Chicken Patties
Mashed Potatoes

We ended up having more leftovers than planned so Mondays meal is from last week that didn't get made.  I'm going old school with the tacos.  Ground beef and all the usual fixins.  Chicken legs were on sale so I'm gonna bake some of those up.  I have leftover ham that will go into soup for Thursday. Friday, has me sighing and rolling my eyes.  This is one of those things that David used to have growing up that the boys love and I just don't get.  Chicken patties are for sandwiches, but he likes them by themselves, with corn and mashed potatoes.  I think I will enjoy myself a shake that night and just watch them enjoy their weird dinner.  I imagine my face will be like 

The weekend was pretty lazy laid back.  Im not sure our date night can be considered a date night though. I mean we did get some kid free time, but we spent it searching Targets all over the city for a certain product for an upcoming post and having some fun in the costume section, because, why not! I really wish they had a gorilla suit my size though.  I might have to keep looking!  We ended up grabbing a bite to eat before heading home around 11.  Then since we didn't make it to the movies, we caught up with Chicago Fire, Med and PD.  I made popcorn.  Oh lord, we are officially old, aren't me?  Next time we will have to step it up a little.

What is on your menu this week?  Also, what were some of your favorite childhood meals?  Do you still make them?  Do you have any that you look back and think WHY???  My Dad wouldn't buy anything processed but he did make his own hamburger helper that always takes me back to being a kid. I also used to put sliced cheese on white rice.  WTH Kim!?!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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