September 3, 2018

Menu Plan { September 3rd }

Three day weekends usually throw me off but I'm on the ball this week!  Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all have a very relaxing labor day!  As much as I want to tell y'all to take it easy today, I know quite a few of you guys are still working.  Boo.  But hopefully at some point you will get a little break.  How about you just don't work to hard? 

I'm going to keep it short and sweet today because, well, I'm hoping we are going to squeeze in a little something fun this weekend.  The last 2 days have been pretty uneventful.  Lazy is good and all, but I have been stuck in the house all week and I need to get out.  To the park, the Zoo,  the pool.  Anywhere with sun and fresh air!

My menu is planned!  My fridge, is still in a state of shock.  Some of you may have seen my fridge a few weeks ago on Instagram.  Its still a wreck.  Trash day is Thursday so I will be sure to get it all in order by then.  It seems like every time I start to see the back of it, more stuff gets shoved in there.  Anyways,  about that menu...

No laboring in the kitchen today.  That's the law of Labor Day right?

Spaghetti Night


Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin


I'm not getting super creative in the kitchen this week because I am being lazy I figured week two of school will be an other week of adjusting and what not.  Why make it harder.  Anthony already has 3 projects due tomorrow and Alex is working on his first school fundraiser.  Oh sweet school days. Sigh.

Last week I was in so much pain Anthony tried to make me feel better by saying "Maybe you are eating to much!"  He is so lucky he is my child and I love him more than life itself.  He tried to explain himself and just kept digging his hole deeper.  " I mean, you have eaten a lot this week."  " NO, like you shouldn't eat so much!"  "Oh mom,  you know what I'm trying to say!!"

What he meant was that I actually sat down with a plate of food each night last week.  Usually I will sit with a shake or just a glass of water on the days I don't feel good, but last week my appetite was in full force and I sat with my little plate of food every night.  And every night I would sit down and look up to all eyes on me.  They were happy to have me eating, I was happy to be eating, my body was not happy to have to process what I was eating. 

I am all stocked up on my shakes but I'm not going to lie, come Wednesday I'm going to be having a meatball or two because they are amazing.  But Friday is going to do me in.  Fish has been easiest to digest so there is a fillet with my name on it!
What made it on your menu for the week?  Or are you still trying to figure it out?  Its all good, this is a judgment free zone!  Ive been looking at more "fall-ish" recipes lately.  Its still to hot here to break out the stews but its supposed to be lower 90s this week, so maybe soon!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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