August 31, 2018

What's up weekend { August 31st }

School starts and all I am hearing is Fall this or Pumpkin that!  And Im just here like "But there are 22 more days of SUMMER!! I love Fall just as much as the next guy.  My most favorite holiday comes in the Fall.  But Im also going to enjoy every last second of warmth and sunshine while it lasts, because that makes this island girl happy.  Then when it gets cold and everyone starts in with the "oh I can't wait for warmer weather again!" I'll still love you but Im gonna laugh at you!  

Speaking of things that make me happy, today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today! Here is my list for this week!

1.  School is off to a great start!  Only a few small hiccups but nothing that has soured the boys moods much.  

2.  I have the most patient husband ever.  Even when I'm being grumpy and drive him crazy.  Which I am pretty sure I have been a lot more of both lately.

3.  Deep conversations with the boys about my illness. They have both come to us, on their own, at different times to ask questions.

4.  Alex is reading again!  I was worried that he had lost interest this summer but hes read more books in the first week of school than I have all month.

5.  Sitting down as a family for dinner.  I love the conversations we have. Some more than others but I'm thankful for that time together.

6.  The almost 17 years we have had with Chico the Chihuahua.  He was our first baby!  Way back when we were just babies ourselves.  He has been on many adventures and while it seems our time together is coming to a close, we know hes had a good run at life!  I'm thankful for him.

7.  Early mornings.  As much as I love to sleep in, I love getting things done first thing in the morning.  So I can rest until its time to get Alex from school.

8.  The online library and being able to check out e-books that automatically return themselves!  Hello!  Now I just need to pay my library fees and we are good!

9.  I made my first cheesecake.  It was kinda crazy, and good, and sweet.  Next I will try a simple fruit one. Blueberries maybe?  

10.  Getting laundry done everyday.  I hate laundry, but I have to admit, a load a day keeps the pile away!  Now, anyone want to come fold for me?

OK.  So I know I usually have a photo or 2 to share with my Friday posts, but this week I got nothin!  It was a hard week for me.  As much as I want to get into a solid routine now that the boys are back in school, my body has had other plans.  This week, my goal was to get the boys off to school before they noticed anything was wrong.  Yesterday,  they noticed.  I was so uncomfortable I couldn't stand up straight.  But I managed, to get them sent to school before I completely shut down.  Wednesday, I made it to the couch.  Thursday, I didn't leave the bed but to let the dogs out.  I knew my body was going to crash after the crazy summer we had but I'm spent.

Labor Day weekend is usually a fun one for us.  We planned on camping on the beach, but our place isn't open just yet.  Still recovering from Hurricane Harvey damage from last Labor Day.  This year we thought about camping at another park, but the boys wanted to stay in a cabin and they were booked.  So who knows what we will end up doing.  I just hope I have the energy to do something!  Anything!

We shall see...

Do you guys have anything fun planned for Labor Day Weekend?  Id love to hear about it!!  Let me know below what you are up to!  What ever it is, I hope you have an amazing weekend.  Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Hi momma, how are you?! I’ve missed your face and it’s great to be back here today :)

    I’m the same with postponing the fall excitement. I mean, I love a psl as much as the next gal, but I feel as though we barely had a summer this year with all the rain and scorching temps, so I’m hoping to enjoy at least a few more days of sunshine before I transition to sweater weather :)

    I love online libraries too—they make it so easy to put books on hold and renew online. Also cheesecake is delicious, but I hate when I start a recipe and get in eat over my head lol! I hope it came out great and worth the effort :)

    Xoxo and hope you have a nice weekend, whatever you guys end up doing. No real plans for us, probably getting settled slowly in our new house and maybe a bbq one night :)