July 23, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { July 23rd }

I'm up a little early for Summer but today is a long day and so here I am.  I am headed to the Transplant Clinic for scans and labs.  Then I have some time to come home and let the dogs out and get dinner started before heading to 2 more appointments for hematology.  I could really use a coffee right about now but I have to fast for my CT! Boo.

This weeks menu is not as light and Wednesdays dinner takes a little extra time, but its all delicious. Here's what we are cooking up this week.

Turkey Fried Rice



Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Baked Lime Chicken Bowls

Yes, I have Turkey Fried Rice on the menu, again this week.  But I never actually got around to making it last week, so I rolled it over.  I got some grass fed beef on sale, so we are going beef this week instead of chicken.  I'm sure the guys will be happy to change things up a little bit.  I needed one more meal and Alex asked for Lumpia.  Both Thursday and Fridays dinners are family favs and easy enough to throw together leaving me just enough time to gear up for the last weekend before we head out on vacation #2.

Here's to hoping its a quick week because I am ready to hit the road again!  We are gonna have to figure out what to do with this travel bug we are dealing with.  David and I were talking about where we are going to go next year to celebrate our 20th year together.  First thought was Vegas.  Then we talked about a cruise or somewhere that would put a stamp in our passport.  Luckily we have some time to think about it!

Happy Monday everyone!  Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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