July 16, 2018

Menu Plan { July 16th }

I got a late start this morning.  The boys are out of town visiting family and I was pretty sure today was Sunday.  Yeah, it's not!  It Monday and I have so much to get done today.  Things are about to get a little interesting around here.  We are expecting company tomorrow!  But for today I'm keeping it short and sweet.

Confession time!  I just now finished getting my groceries ordered.  I know I might have said that I was done with this curbside business, but I tried going into the store and wanted to run someone over with my cart less than 5 minutes later.  Plus, it's just SO much easier to pull up to the store, have them load my groceries and then leave.  No crowded isles, no last minute additions, no people coughing on me (yes that happened) and I'm always under budget!  I really do love HEB but I can't stand to go into the actual store.  This works! Now about that menu...

Turkey Fried Rice

Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Baked Pork Chops

Chicken Shawarma


I have been wanting to introduce a new flavor to the guys and decided on the Shawarma.  Not 100% sure how they are going to feel about this, but I'm excited about it none the less.  I also ran across this recipe for Mediterranean Chickpea Salad and am going to try!  I don't think they have ever had chickpeas either.  What should I try next?

So there you have it.  Another super easy week.  I'd love to hear what you all have planned for dinners this week.  Let me know below!  Not a menu planner? That's ok too.  Which night sounds the best to you?

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