July 12, 2018

Cardiology Follow Up

I feel like I am always starting these updates with "I know its been a little quiet around here but..."  I really need to work on that.  But the past few weeks have been stuffed with trips to the doctor and I have had a hard time getting words out of my head and written out.  I have had a hard time getting them out of mouth even. But here goes nothing!

Lately, I have been engaged in one hell of a game of tug of war with my Encephalopathy.  I can't focus or put my words together.  I've had a few dizzy spells and have been losing time again.  So I find myself writing things down as I do them or think of them.  I have deleted so many pictures of cups and plates that remind me that I ate.  When I am cooking I don't leave the kitchen unless I absolutely have to, just so I don't forget what I am doing and leave something on the stove.  It just keeps coming at me.  I've been having to take my meds 3 times a day instead of 2 and while that leaves me completely exhausted, it does help my brain.

This is what my morning looks like.  Or what it looked like before I found out someone had hacked my Angle card and went on a spending spree.  FYI, if anyone ever needs new undies that bad, I'd gladly buy them for you.  But don't steal my money and mess with my account.  That's just rude.  Also, don't ship them to your house dummy!

Before I get sidetracked.

I had my follow up with the cardiologist on Tuesday and it went SO much better than I was expecting.

Darcie says I lost weight but I tried to count the numbers but yes, adding is that hard for me sometimes.  So I'm just gonna take her word on that.

The nurse said my BP and the little finger thingy were good.

The PA and the Dr both listened to my heart and had no complaints there.

We talked about why I need to make sure I get enough protein even though the transplant team has me on a low protein diet.

We talked about why I had the swelling and vasculitis when we went to Florida.

I am pretty sure there was more but, whatever it was, it was all good.  I didn't take my notebook with me.  Or my water.  I was a little nervous.  BUT!  I don't have to go back until January as long as there are no complications or complaints before then!  One doctor down for the rest of the year is a huge weight off my back!

And speaking of weight.

I've really been missing the gym and talked to David about going back.  I think I'm finally over the fear of having another heart attack on the elliptical.  But I also know that it will come back and sucker punch right in the gut as soon as I step foot in the gym.  Now that we are down to one car it means if I'm going, I'm going with him.  Which is good, because he should know what to do if something goes wrong.  When the whole thing happened last year, I was so afraid of passing out and scaring the crap out of Grandma.  So I faked my way through a freaking heart attack!  Sometimes I wonder how I have lived this long!

I supposed I should figure out actual numbers and such as far as how much protein I should be eating.  Along with all the other good stuff like carbs and fat.  If I count calories alone I'd be screwed because most days it's under 1000.  I need to call the nutritionist because I can't even add numbers on a scale at the moment.  This will be fun.

So that's where I'm at right now.  Fingers crossed my INR is where its supposed to be today. I haven't had a nosebleed in days with makes me think I'm still a little low.  Not to mention my body aches.  I might just be losing it though.  We shall see!

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