May 25, 2018

Whats up Weekend { May25th }

I'm running late today.  But I'm here so that's what matters right?  I for one and just glad its Friday!

I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today! Here is my list for this week!

  1. An easy Clinic appointment.  I updated yesterday, but pretty much I will live another day! 

  2. 50s day at school.  Alex was actually excited about dressing up and I think his last minute outfit turned out pretty good.

  3. Anthony has been a great mood this week! I wish every week could be like this week! Teenagers. Sigh.

  4. Dog Sitting.  Because who doesn't love more dogs.  Chico is the only small dog I will ever own but I love watching little dogs.

  5. Homemade peanut butter banana cups. They are so good.  

  6. Orgain Meal Replacements.  They taste good and they don't make my liver angry!  

  7. Writing out lists for Disney!  Now all I have to do is start checking things off! Two weeks and we are off!

  8. Sleep.  I have slept hard this week. The other night, I left the lights on, clothes in the washer and the dog gates open. Meant to just lay down for a second but woke up and it was morning!

  9. My new FitBit Versa.  Track ALL THE THINGS!

  10. Early mornings out front with the boys.  We sit outside while we wait for Alexs ride.  Sometimes we talk, sometimes they just stare at their phones.  Im just happy to be out of the house before the sun comes all the way up.
When you need a hard surface to write on buy you don't want to get your clothes dirty before school.  Plank it!

And now I'm officially ready for the weekend.  David had to work late and is home.  I'm finishing up my dinner and am about ready to crash for the night.  It's not even 11pm.  Old much?!

This weekend we are winging it.  David and I want to go see Deadpool 2.  The boys want to go swimming.  I want to go check out the Dinosaurs they brought to the Zoo.  And there is a crap ton of cleaning that needs to be done.  I'm also debating on a trip to the hair salon.  I've got the short hair itch.  I'm just so over my long hair.  Plus its falling out.  I just want a fresh start. But I keep chickening out last minute!  

What are some things that made you happy this week?  What have you got planned for the weekend?  Let me know below!  Whatever it is, have fun and be safe!

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