May 1, 2018

Save the Rhino Day

Its no secret this we are an animal loving family.  Or that my love of animals has rubbed off on the rest of them, I should say.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by them.  With a healthy respect for snakes.  In other words, I am terrified of them, but I am amazed by them as well.  If I had to pick on favorite I don't think I could.  But one that would stick out would be the Rhino!

And it just so happens that May 1st is Save the Rhino Day!

A few years ago after spending all of World Rhino Day learning about Rhinos, Alex fell in love.  He talked about Rhinos all week and still to this day, will ask questions about them.  When he was 6 he wrote a little book.  It was the cutest thing ever.  He added a little signature spot on the back where he wanted people to sign after they read it.  And dreamt of sending it all over the world to teach more people about Rhinos. And now we are talking about writing another now that he is more creative and grown up.  Maybe with a few more pages and some color!

Poor kid was heartbroken when he heard that Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino had passed away. He was the last Male Northern White Rhino alive. There are 2 remaining females.  Such a sad thing to happen.  Animals are disappearing right in front of us. And for what?  For nothing!

Have you talked to your kids about animals that are endangered or extinct?  Its one of those things that aren't fun to talk about but so very important.  Want to learn more and help Save the Rhino?  Here are a few stops to make! Be sure to check out Save the Rhino!  Another great place to visit is The WWF Rhino Page.

Did you know...
  • There are 5 species of Rhino and that 3 of them are actually from Asia, not Africa?  
  • The Javan Rhino is the rarest land mammal.  Less than 50 in the wild and 0 in captivity.
  • Rhino moms are pregnant for 15 -16 months!! Can you imagine!?
  • They might look slow but they can run up to 40 miles per hour!
You learn something new every day!  

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