April 30, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { April 30th }

I am conflicted.

Part of me wants to be so happy its Monday.  That would be the part of me that spent an amazing weekend with David.  Watching movies, relaxing, talking, centering ourselves and all that mushy stuff yall don't want to hear about.

The other part of me just needs one more day to prepare for the week.  The boys got home late and we were to busy doing nothing all weekend that my typical Sunday prep didn't happen.  I have labs this morning and Alex is has a dentist appointment in the afternoon.

So today I'm going to keep it short and simple.  Just like this weeks menu!  This week we are having chicken. All the chickens.  Everyday.  At least there is some variety in flavors. At least!

Spaghetti Night

Baked Lime Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Chicken and Broccoli


Davids first take on this weeks menu was that it sounded carby.  There is pasta and he knows there will be rice with the mushroom chicken.  But its all about moderation right?  The rest of the week its meat and veggies!  We will see if I have found the happy balance between Vitamin K and my blood thinners when I get lab work done in a few hours!

But before we find out what my labs say, I need to get these boys up, fed and off to school, feed the dogs and Koopa, straighten up whats left of the weekend tornado that blew through and then get myself somewhat presentable to go out in the wild public.  

Mondays, I tell you!  

I'm just going to have a cup of coffee and roll with it.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Hows your menu looking?  Id love to hear whats cooking in your kitchen this week!

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