May 21, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { May 21st }

And we're back!

There is going to be a mad dash for the door in about an hour or so!  David is back after a few days in Houston for work.  Let me tell you, waking up and not hearing him moving around the room getting ready for work was the weirdest thing.  I missed my morning kisses!  STAAR testing is done too so the boys should be in better moods this morning too.  And we got some rain yesterday to clean the slate for this week.

First things first, the menu.  As usual, this weeks menu is pretty basic.  I'm thinking about just making the main dish and letting everyone pick whatever they want to go along with it.  My brain just can't even put a full menu together.  Nothing sounds good to me and we all know my idea of dinner is a shake, so they are just going to have to meet me half way.  Lazy?  Maybe.  But I'm going to call it choosing my battles!

Southwest Wraps

Baked Pork Chops

Leftovers / Clean out the fridge

Italian Meatballs

Chicken Adobo

I'm sort of stressing this mornings appointment.  Probably because it's been a while since I've gone alone.  I haven't been feeling great the past few days,  so I stopped taking my Lactulose so that I could function and not be completely depleted.  That backfired a little.  Grandpa is dropping me off and my Best B is picking me up.  Which means a trip to Smoothie King is gonna happen. It's the best part of Transplant Clinic days.  I haven't had any scans or procedures done first this time.  I'd rather just get them done and get results when I go to my appointment instead of having to call back and try to track my nurse down.  But it is what it is.  I should probably just get to my appointment first.

I have been reminding myself to do this a lot lately.  My anxiety has been running wild and I find myself melting into the couch on the patio and just being still.  Sometimes I sit with a drink and a book.  Sometimes, I just crash and take a nap.  But that's where I catch my breath these days.   I love it out there.

Do you have a place to go to be still and just wind down?  

I can hear the boys getting up!  I still need to make lunches and feed my 4 leggeds.  I'm dog sitting, so I have to go let those guys out and make sure they are fed too.  Then home to get the boys packed up and out the door with just enough time to get myself dressed before I have to leave.  My brain already hurts.  Has anyone seen my adulting pants?  I'm going to need those!

Gotta love Mondays!

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