March 19, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { March 18th }

Back to the grind we go!  Spring Break is over.  It wasn't a total loss but we would be okay with a do-over.  Anyone know how to make that happen?  That would be great!  If not, no worries.  To be honest I think we are all itching to get back to a routine anyway.  Plus we have a 3 day weekend coming up in a few weeks so at least we have something to look forward to!

Like I said, Spring Break wasn't all that bad.  We managed to do a lot of relaxing.  Mornings were spent on the patio with some coffee while the boys slept in.  Nights were spent hanging out with friends and family, playing games and catching up on some tv.  We managed to do or start all the projects we had planned too, so that's another win.

And now we are back to reality.  This weeks menu is full of deliciousness.  And yes, that says steak.  I have really been wanting some red meat so I am going to split a steak with Alex.  He is picky about beef and I can't have a whole steak so it works.


BBQ Chicken Breast
Corn on the Cobb


Butter Garlic Herb Chicken

Shrimp Scampi

Spaghetti should keep our back to the grind frustrations to a minimum.  I hope.  We have some errands to run still so I figured I'd make the easiest meal today.  And we still have 2 weeks of Lent and I'm tired of fish so I'm busting out some Shrimp.  We love us some scampi in this house! YUM!

Whats cooking up in your kitchen this week?  Also, what time is dinner time?  Now that David is getting home earlier, I find myself serving dinner much earlier than usual.  Some days before 5!

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope your week gets off to an amazing start!

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