March 17, 2018

5 ways to make eating better easier

You guys!  Its March!  We are three months into the new year and right about now many of us, myself included are starting to feel the strain of our resolutions and goals.  This year, I did not set specific resolutions but do aspire to clean up my diet, eat better, more balanced meals at home.  In January I was pumped and it was fun.  February, things started getting a little lax but its time to kick back into gear.  Here is how I plan on doing just that!

Through out the week I am collect dinner ideas for the following week.  Come across a recipe on Pinterest you think you might want to make? All those tasty videos on Facebook you want to make, save them too.  They all go into a bookmark folder named Dinners for next week.  I also have another folder for the current week.  One of my favorite things to do is check out a cook book from the library!  Collecting recipes so that I always have a good collection to pick and choose from.  Planning your menu out is a great way to make better choices.  Its rewarding to know you have a plan and can pass up the drive through on the way home.  I see you fast food, and I'm not stopping!

Raising to growing boys isn't easy.  The amount of food they can eat is sometimes mind blowing.  David and I became Sam's Club Members before we were out of our teens.  Even then, I loved that I could find everything I need and enough of it to last us well into a second week.  Now days, with 2 growing boys a week is about all I can ask for.  They eat so much! Being able to buy Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts in bigger bags is great because there are a hundred and one ways to prepare them.  And I can get 2 or 3 meals out of one bag. Not only does that help us make better choices but it saves me money too!

The proof is is the prep.  I usually take a few hours on Sunday and prep as much as I can for the week.  Many vegetables can be washed and cut ahead of time.and stored in the fridge or freezer.  This will not only save you time while you are making dinner, cleaning up is a breeze too.  When I prep Davids lunches for the week, he always appreciates the added protein from the Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken. And with The Its easier to skip the drive through when you know you have a better option waiting for you!  Get some Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts marinating for the next day.  One less thing to worry about during the week!

We all know the key to eating better is balance right.  Making better eating decisions does not mean you will have to spend more money or more time in the kitchen cooking each and every meal from scratch.  Balance is key.  Learn to pick your battles.  If you know its going to be a crazy morning, go with an easy breakfast like Jimmy Dean Delights®.  If you don't have the chance to prep lunches, ahead of time, do it at the end of the day and save yourself some valuable time in the morning.  This way you still have time to enjoy that coffee. Don't be so hard on yourself, instead pick your battles and give yourself a break!

I'm not talking about clean eating this time.  I'm talking about cleaning up after you spent the day prepping for the week ahead.  Cleaning as you are making dinner so you don't turn around and wonder how the sing got so full of dirty dishes.  Sometimes, I want nothing more than to leave the dishes till tomorrow.  Want to know whats better than waking up in the morning, knowing your meals are prepped?  Your kitchen being clean too!  Plus now you can't use the "there are no clean dishes" excuse and choose to eat out instead!  I know I'm not the only one who has ever used that one!

The truth is, when it comes to making better choices, you have to do whats best for you.  And I am able to do just that by shopping at Sams club.  It doesn't have to be super fancy or perfect.  As a stay at home mom who is also chronically ill, some days I feel like I just don't have the time or the energy to even make dinner.  But opening up the fridge and seeing that I already have half of the work done, keeps me from insisting David just grab something on his way home.

Did you resolve to eat better this year?  What are you doing to make sure you stick to your goals?

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