February 2, 2018

Whats up Weekend { February 2nd }

Fridays around here are for sharing all the good from the week. And what a week it has been.  I sat down to write this after the boys went to school.  Then I decided I needed a snack.  The decided to do dishes real quick, then laundry, the watch just one more episode of gossip girl, and now its time to get the kids from school!  Eh, it happens.  TGIF!

This week, we spend more time in doctors offices than at home.  Ok maybe not more, but it feels like it. One kid had an dental emergency, the other had an important dr. visit and I had lab work. 3 days of 3 different drs was enough to wear me down.

But that's what I love about Fridays around here.  As tired and flat out exhausted I am, I remember to look back and find the good and happiness from the week.  And despite all not so great moments, there are lots of happy ones.
  • Tea at the end of an emotionally frustrating day.  I am thankful to have somehow grown up with the ability to think through things before saying or doing things.
  • I love that boys not only eat anything, but they say things like "this chicken is so flavorful! Theres a little bit of Spanish flavor but yet this tangy taste I just can't figure out!" 
  • After almost 19 years, David has no longer jumps when my cold feet find him at nights.  Even in a dead sleep he will lift his legs so I can slide my feet under then.  
  • I hit the mother in law jackpot.  Grandma rescued me a few times this week!
  • Good lab work.  Sitting in the chemo room while I wait for results really puts me in my place. 
  • The boys have officially read more books than I have.  I better catch up.
  • Snuggling with Alex when he cant sleep.  Its the only time he ever stays still!
  • Anthony telling me that he can talk to me about anything. 
  • A warm day in the middle of cold ones.  I think we all needed some sunshine and warmth.  Even if it was only for a day!
  • Planning our adventures and trips for the year.  I'm so excited and hoping everything works out the way we are planning it to.
This weekend David and I will be sneaking away to celebrate our Anniversary a little early.  I'm not 100% sure what the plans are but Ill leave that up to him. I'm excited.  I always say that its been to long since we have been out together, but then I realize that we probably spend to much time together.  Theres is another thing that makes me happy, that we never get sick of each other.  February really brings out the mushy stuff!

Stop by the link up and see what everyone else is so happy about!

Anyone have weekend plans?  If you do anything this weekend, make sure its something that makes you smile!  Happy Friday!

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