February 1, 2018

February Goals

You guys!  Its a brand new month and got a full six hours of sleep last night.  Six and a half if we want to be technical but you guys!  Considering I average 4 hrs during the week, that is a solid sleep for me.  My body didn't get the memo.  But my brain up and running, for the time being. Before I forget...

Did y'all see the moon this morning?  It was to foggy to see the blood/blue/eclipse yesterday so it was nice to walk out to see it this morning.  I am usually in such a rush in the morning I forget to look up.

So I was laying in bed, just turned off my alarm and my brain just kind of took off.  There are 3 birthdays this month.  Our anniversary.  Valentines and Ash Wednesday. My first visit with my Cardiologist.  And hopefully we will make it to the beach at the end of the month for a clean up.  It was like my brain realized it actually got some solid rest and went into over drive.  Then I tried to roll over.

My body didn't get the memo.  My body aches and my liver is a bit angry with me this morning for having a few to many Saltines with my chili last night.  And probably not enough water yesterday either.  Nothing I can't fix with good choices and lots of fluids.

But while my brain is game, I figured I needed to plan out the month.  There is so much to do and only 28 days to do it

First I need to set a few goals for the month.

Not only go to bed earlier but get up earlier too.  And not just for me. People think I'm crazy for sending my boys to bed so early but I have let that slip a lot lately and it shows.  I think we have all been a little overtired.

Read 3 books.  One for fun, one for learning and one with the boys. And they have to be real books.  I love reading on my kindle but I love turning pages even more. Plus when I fall asleep a book to the face hurts a lot less!

I really need to get back to the gym ( after cardio clears me).  Id love to lose a few lbs and move on purpose for 30 mins a day.  Fingers crossed that all is good in the heart department.

I have been such a troll lately.  No joke, just straight up grumpy.  Time to turn that around!  I need to get back to my happy, silly, loving life self.  A little sarcasm can stay.  Not that I could get rid of it if I tried.

Spend a little time with each of my boys.  David included.  Yesterday Anthony told me that I have something in common with everyone because I love everything.  But he wished we could spend more time doing things that we have in common. Heard, loud and clear!

Its been really quiet around here.  And I keep saying I am going to change that.  Here goes another try.  Luckily with so much going on this month there will be lots to talk about.  I was blog hopping the other day and realized how much I miss real "lifestyle" blogs.  Talking about everyday things and seeing photos of real life.  Not all the advertising, sponsored and staged stuff.  Not only did I miss reading and seeing that I missed doing it too.

We have a big Summer ahead of us.  And its time to start saving and making better spending decisions.  Maybe I will give up spending outside of our needs for Lent.  I want to say take out, but Wendys makes a killer fish sandwich that I have to have at least once!

I think these are all pretty reachable.  I thought I was cool about going to the cardiologist, but as the date gets closer, its taking everything in me not to cancel the appointment.  I mean, surely I could just go back to the gym and then stop as soon as my chest hurts and I get dizzy, but we all know how great my luck is, so I'm waiting to see what they say.

Anyone else setting goals for the month?  What are you hoping to accomplish in February?  Id love to hear about it.  Plus, if you say it out loud or write it out on the Internet, you can't back out.  That's what I have heard anyways!  Happy February everyone!

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