February 11, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { February 12th }

Another weekend in the books.  Did anyone do anything exciting?  I know we didn't.  Unless you count picking up groceries and running to Sam's Club.  Other than that we pretty much stayed home.  I binge watched Valor on Netflix and David and I watched King Arthur while the boys were with friends.  It might have been pretty boring, but its just what I needed.

And with nothing going on, I got my menu ready to roll.  A few hours early even!

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Caesar Salads
  • Tuna Subs
So this week I'm taking it super easy in the kitchen.  This morning I was making breakfast for David and I and my heart was racing.  Over pancakes and eggs y'all.  I mean, sure breakfast, just the 2 of us, still sleepy eyed and in our jammies gets my heart beating but still...

Turkey Fried Rice has become a favorite around here.  Its quick, easy and full of veggies.  And the original recipe was for meal prep bowls but I really to like the friend rice version too!

Tuesday we are having the Baked Lime Chicken Bowls.  Yes I just made these a few weeks ago, but the boys loved them.  David and I will probably have the usual but the boys would like theirs in a quesadilla.  Easy peasy!

Wednesday is Valentines Day.  I do suppose salmon could be a romantic dinner but this Wednesday is also Ash Wednesday.  And that means fish for dinner.  And for every Friday until Good Friday.

There is just something so homey about a roast Chicken.  I don't know what it is, but the chicken and veggies and sides just always makes me happy.  And it makes the house smell amazing.

And Friday we are going easy with tuna subs.  Not to creative here, but it works!

So, whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Anyone have a favorite fish recipe to share?  I'm gonna need to find a few new ones.  I could eat fish every day, the guys need a little more convincing. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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