September 12, 2017

September Goals and Mantras

I probably should have shared this at the very beginning of the month, but I had to test the waters first! Yeah, that's it! I wanted to get a feel on September before I made up my mind on what I wanted from it, and its not a lot.

I saw this gem on Pinterest a while back and thought to myself, YES! That is what I need to do this month.  That is what I need.

I have always been a peacekeeper. Trying to be on every ones side. Always trying to see the good in people even after they have proved over and over that they are not worthy. I'm not saying I will no longer do that, but now I can see the line in the sand. I don't have time to be hurting over the same crap and getting upset at the same drama. David is probably reading this shaking his head saying I told you so. He did. A million times. Thankfully he knows my heart is in the right place and hardly ever mentions the fact.

So that's what I'm spending the month doing.  Emptying the BS and digging out years and years of it. Tossing that crap out of my head and making room for new memories and adventures.  

I'm also going to be enjoying time with my guys. Ant is 12 going on 16. Trying to find himself and trying to push his luck a tad to far. His haircut was his decision and currently we are talking piercings. Lord help me. Alex is 8 going on 12. While he is naturally the polar opposite of his big brother, he wants nothing more than to be just like him. Attitude and all.  And while sometimes I want to hit that pause button and keep them little forever, every day I get little glimpses at the men they will be and I can't wait to see that either. Before I know it, they will be leaving home or I will be to sick to join them in their mischief.  This month, I'm all in!

As far as goals go, there are a few things Id like to get done.  Will I get them all done?  I'm gonna try!

First here are last months goals.
  • Get 6 hours of sleep a night.
  • Read 4 books.
  • Lose another 5lbs. I'm down 3 more but now I'm stuck.
  • Post 4 times a week. Fail. Now that schools in, this should be easier.
  • Make one new recipe a week.
  • Try something new.  I switched from windows to mac.  Does that count?  
In September I would really like to...

  • Pay off more medical debt.  
  • Cross a few things of the house to do list.
  • Schedule all my labs, procedures and appointments on time.
  • Spend more time with the boys.
  • Date night.
  • But something for myself.
  • Get back to writing for myself.
  • Read 5 books
  • Purge closets again.
  • Reconnect with a few people.
So that's the plan for this month. And since we are almost half way through it, I better get a move on. Thankfully I am 2 books in, paid one bill off on Friday, I have my eye on a few things for myself and I have a bag of clothes for donation already. So I won't totally fail this all! I'm almost already winning! HA!

If you could accomplish one thing right now, what would it be. Big or small, what needs to get done?!

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