September 18, 2017

Menu Plan: September 18th

And just like that its Monday again.

Im still not sure if the weekend was a win or a fail. Did we have fun, yes. While Anthony went to a friends house, Alex and I went to the pool with some friends. We stayed behind after they left to practice his swim breathing. Of course he wasn't super interested, so we dried off and played at the park instead. Its been way to long since its been just the two of us having fun. David picked us up later and took us out to dinner.

Sunday included a quick trip to the Zoo, watching the Cowboys get spanked and then grocery shopping. Confession time. I didn't cook once this weekend. Thats why I said it was a possible fail. My kitchen is usually a wreck come Sunday night, but not this week.

But the menu is tasty, so theres that. Mondays are for fresh starts right? So lets just forget the mess of junk that was this weekend and focus on the menu!

The Clubhouse Tenders are a rollover from last week that I did not get around to making. The Zucchini Enchiladas and the Chicken Pad Thai are my new recipes of the week. And I am super excited to try them both. I have actually never even tasted Pad Thai yet, but everyone seems to love it, so fingers crossed that we do too! 

Whats on your menu this week?  Are you trying anything new? 

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