August 18, 2017

Coffee, Cameras and Cauliflower Rice?

OH Friday!  I am celebrating you with a afternoon cup of coffee and thanking you to for being nice to me. I have slept like a newborn this week. And by newborn, I mean I was up every few hours. Sometimes I was hungry.  Other times I was wide awake. A few times I may have cried. Who ever coined the phrase "sleeping like a baby" clearly never had a baby.

But Fridays are still one of my favorite days.  Because happiness!  Lord knows we all need more happiness in our lives.  So here I am with a few happy highlights of me week.

Books, books and more books!

Watching David play with his new drone.

Coffee and my new Keurig.

Music. Little story: When David and first started dating, he was neck deep in Hip Hop and I loved everything and anything but. We met in the middle with some Reggae. Now, he turns the station to country when we are driving, he loves him some Linkin Park and I am blasting some Jay-Z.

Walking into the pharmacy and not having to open my wallet!  BOOM!  Totally winning when that happens.

The boys and I have had lots of serious, deep conversations lately. At 8 and 12, I am always blown away at how thoughtful and kind they are.  Even after a day of having to separate them to keep them from choking each other out their hearts are golden.

YouTube! Its where I get lost at night when I can't sleep.  Anyone else?

Getting out my big camera. Cameras on the phone are so convenient, but every time I get out the DSLR I remember how much I miss it.

The weekend.  I have no idea what we are planning but I know I'm excited about it.  There are only 2 weekends till school starts and you better believe we are gonna make the most of them!

New food.  There were 3 new recipes on the menu this week.  The Taco Wraps were a hit. The stir fry tasted like the Mushroom Chicken from Panda Express. And tonight I'm making the Garlic Shrimp. David was a little put off by the cauliflower rice with the stir fry so I'm a little worried about tonight's dinner. Wish me luck!

Speaking of dinner, I better get a move on.  My shrimp are still frozen and Davids on his way home! Silly as it is, this man has been mine for 18 years and I'm blushing knowing hes coming home to me.

My heart is happy!

What made you happy this week?  I'd love to hear all about it.  Have an amazing weekend guys!

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