June 20, 2017

Where do the days go?

I had a plan and then life happened. Story of my life y'all. Seriously though, I moved my menu to Sunday so I could share my motivation for the week. Total fail!

Instead, when my alarm went off I laid in bed and waited for David to get out of the shower so I could say good morning and goodbye. He came back in the room to tell me my coffee was ready but not even that could get me out of bed.

We were supposed to go to the gym, but when I texted Grandma she was at an appointment. I got up, let dogs out and fed them and Koopa. The boys were still sleeping so I got back in bed with my coffee and got lost in pinterest. I think I might have been a little sad that we weren't going to the gym. I was so tired but I have come to really enjoy getting out and moving.

So when Grandma called and said she was home, I tried to get the boys dressed as fast as I could. Of course with it being summer, they were dragging. And because they are boys, they insisted on having pizza before we left. How can they pack so much food into their little bodies?

We got back home a few hours later, suited up and headed to the pool. Can I just say that a week without swimming makes me feel like a fish out of water.  I could swim all day long. The beach is a good drive away and is not as perfect as the beaches back home in the Marshall Islands, so I have to settle for our community pool. But I'm not to picky, plus if I float and close my eyes, I can pretend I'm floating in the Pacific. I think a trip to the beach is in my near future!

By the time dinner was done and put away, the boys were sleeping and the dogs were let out one last time, the clock was coming up on midnight. So here I am, a day late and even this day is almost over. Before I know it, the morning will be here again and Wednesday! I can't seem to find my pause button, so if anyone has an extra I can borrow for the summer, let me know!  

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