June 18, 2017

Menu Plan: June 18th

I know what you are thinking! Its Sunday and my menu is up...what is going on? I'm telling you, I don't know what has gotten into me but I don't quite mind it. Menu a day early, why not.  Kim in a gym, sure! Getting 8 hrs of sleep a night, not quite. But next week should bring more sleep once I'm done dog sitting.

So, it's Sunday and my menu is ready to go. There is a lot of chicken, but all in different cuts. That makes it better right? And there is some fish thrown in there too. You know to shake things up a bit!

I'm really trying to simplify things here. Finding ways and recipes that can keep me out of the kitchen. Not that I don't like being in there but what is it about kids needing you the second you are trying to get dinner started. I know it's not just me right? My boys are super self sufficient, but right around the time I get in the kitchen, it never fails. They need help with something, want to talk about things or want me to play out back with them. 

I was looking for a chicken recipe that looked good and was easy to throw together, so this week I am trying these Herb and Garlic Drumsticks. Tuesday brings another new recipe. And more garlic. The only change I am making to this Baked Tilapia with Garlic Breadcrumbs is that I prefer Swai over Tilapia. The Sriracha Teriyaki Meatball Bowls are tried and truly delicious. Served over a bowl of brown rice and paired with which ever veggie we decide on, we all love it. The best part is leftovers to portion out into lunches for the week! Thursday is chicken wings because well, we drove by Wing Stop earlier and I got all upset over how much they cost. Their wings are good, but hard on the wallet. Making them at home, not only cuts the cost IN HALF, but at home we don't have to worry about not looking like cavemen when we dig into a plate full of wings. And Friday, we will see what is left and figure out who wants what! No wasting food allowed!

I'm trying to shake things up and stop making the same dishes over and over. Do you do that to? Get comfortable with a few dishes and rotate through the same recipes each week? Last week left us a little disappointed in the pork ribs but this week, hopefully everything is all thumbs up! 

Lets talk food! What is on your menu for the week?  

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